Chevrolet Safety Features

Chevrolet Safety Features

    Skillful driving is undoubtedly one of the most important requisites for any car owner. A car should come with the needed offerings to aid the driver and protect the passengers of the car in case of any mishap. All Chevrolet models have therefore been equipped with the most secure options to bring in peace of mind.

    Chevrolet vehicles are assembled around a ‘Prevent, Protect and Respond’ philosophy. The mantra ensures all the technologies built for safety are aimed at preventing accidents, protecting the driver and passengers in case of any mishaps and responding rapidly in an emergency.

    Driver Confidence Package I

    The package is fitted with the best Chevrolet safety features for a hassle-free driving experience. 

    • Automatic Braking intentionally allows the driver to gently force on a hard brake when an imminent collision is detected. This feature works along with pedestrian detection in the rare case the driver does not have enough time to respond promptly.
    • IntelliBeam headlights are fitted precisely to automatically turn off when another car is nearing your vehicle.
    • The Forward Collision Alert and Following Distance Indicator signals the driver when trailing too close to another vehicle and signals an impending collision. 
    • The Front and Rear Parking Sensors, along with the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, assist the driver when reversing.
    • A Side Blind Spot Monitor and Lane Change Assist increases the driver's situational awareness if another vehicle in the adjacent lane is following the car too closely.

    Driver Confidence Package II

    With this package, the car is adequately equipped with all valuable features, ranging from the Driver Confidence Package I to a few increased capabilities.

    • The Radar Cruise Control accurately detects the continuous flow of traffic and toggles the necessary speed of the car as and when necessary.
    • The Automatic Parking Assist measures the size of a parking space and carefully steers your vehicle into an appropriate place. The driver will barely need to remain in control of the gas and brake pedals.
    • The Automatic Braking responsiveness is enhanced while driving at higher speeds.
    • Electronic Parking Brake has been fitted for better ease-of-access.

    The Chevrolet OnStar features provide a Chevrolet car owner with 24/7 assistance in case of any breakdowns or accidents. Be it roadside assistance or emergency assistance, the OnStar services can be activated with the tap of a button. Learn more about Chevrolet's immerse Safety Features by visiting our specialists at  Stokes-Trainor in Newberry, SC.

    Source: Chevrolet