Why Buy a Chevrolet?

Why Buy a Chevrolet?

Chevrolet is undoubtedly one of the most well-known automobile brands in the world. With a history that spans over a century, Chevrolet has developed an incredible reputation for producing vehicles that are high-quality and customer-friendly. Continue reading to discover answers to the all-important question - “should I buy a Chevrolet?”

1. Safety is Priority.

Chevrolet is popularly known for coming up with the most innovate and advanced driver-assistance features. Seven of the Chevrolet car models have been conferred earnestly with the NHTSA’s highest safety score. Chevrolet has also won several 5-star overall vehicle scores. 

A majority of Chevrolet cars come with features like Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning to inform the driver in case of any impending danger on the road. Additionally, Rear Vision Cameras, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Side Blind Zone Alert encourage the driver to navigate the vehicle easily. All Chevrolet models also come properly equipped with the most advanced airbag system, generously providing the best in automobile safety for the driver and passengers.

2. Awards and Recognitions

Chevrolet uses the most advanced materials and manufacturing processes to assemble top-notch vehicles. For this key reason, the brand has been conferred with numerous awards and proper recognitions over the model years. 

In 2013, Chevrolet secured the J.D. Power Initial Quality the most substantial number of times. The brand has also won the Top Safety Pick + Ratings from the prestigious IIHS. 

3. Variety 

Chevrolet comes out with the most innovative designs and technologies to serve customers with a car that adapts their needs. Chevrolet produces a range of pick-up trucks, sedans, SUVs, compact cars, pure muscle cars, and many more for a diverse customer base. 

Chevrolet additionally provides the best in technology and connectivity for every customer. With the brand’s new OnStar service, the well-connected driver has utmost ease-of-access while driving.

4. Service and Maintenance

Chevrolet conveniently provides the best servicing and maintenance options for their loyal customers. With frequent alerts on service specials, complimentary oil changes, and high-quality parts, Chevrolet performs exceedingly well with proper regards to customer satisfaction.

All-in-all, Chevrolet is undoubtedly one of the most reputable manufacturers of cars around the globe. Book your Chevy right away to genuinely enjoy the best driving experience. See for yourself today when you visit us in Newberry at Stokes-Trainor! We are just a short distance for drivers around Greenwood, Lexington, and Irmo, and beyond! 

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