Buick Delivers Peace of Mind at the Gas Pump

Do you own a Buick in Newbery, South Carolina? You'll be glad to know the Buick Marketplace is the automobile industry’s first in-vehicle commerce platform. The most recent update to the Marketplace represents a collaboration with ExxonMobil to provide utmost ease-of-access to customers. The update features a pay-for-fuel functionality that can be accessed via the infotainment screen on the vehicle. 

Buick Teams Up with ExxonMobil!

  • At any Exxon or Mobil gas stations, the driver will not to swipe their credit card or handle their phone to pay for fuel. The platform automatically syncs the drivers to their ExxonMobil Speedpass+ app account, wherein they can receive reward points each time they fill up their tank.
  • The primary purpose of this update is to ease the accessibility for drivers and make everyday tasks more convenient than ever. Drivers can instantly access their Speedpass+ account on their infotainment system and safely pay for gas while being comfortably seated inside the car. The service is currently accessible across 11,000 Exxon or Mobil gas stations in the United States. 
  • If the driver does not have a Speedpass+ app account, they can sign up for one on their Exxon Mobil at no additional cost. The driver can download this app on the Marketplace and enter the required credentials to avail access to the new features. 
  • To activate this recent update, the user will initially have to visit their Marketplace app and select the station's location. After this, the driver can select the pump number and go on to confirm the payment method. Post-confirmation, the pump activates, and they can go ahead and fill up their tank. 

These new features continue reinstating Buick’s quality of user-experience. The introduction of Marketplace and the ExxonMobil features have allowed for customers to enjoy superior convenience. 

ExxonMobil equally has consistently made the customer experience comfortable with the introduction of mobile payment options back in 2015. The brand will continue to roll out new technological features to complement the most recent advancements in the automobile market. 

Buick cars come with their signature QuietTuning feature that allows you to cut out all outside noise and disturbances. With this modern feature, drivers can make the most of road-trip season and enjoy their driving experience with confidence.

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